Population: 340

Mining originally brought settlers into what was called Harney City named after Harney Peak. Starting with the discovery of gold, Keystone was soon established as the town after the Keystone mine which was discovered in 1891. Although miners started the town, logging, Mt Rushmore National Memorial and tourism is what has kept the town alive.  Although many mining towns were established throughout the Black Hills, very few have survived to the present day.

Looking to check out an actual mine?  Big Thunder Gold Mine is the safest, most maintained mine in the Keystone mining district.  Or how about some amazing salt water taffy? The Rushmore Mountain Taffy Shop has a wide variety of delicious flavors for everyone’s palate!  Just north of Keystone 4 miles is a natural phenomenon nestled in the Black Hills. Where a person’s height is no longer the same, balls roll uphill and trees grow sideways!