Population: 6,832

Known as the City of Riders, Sturgis is most famous for hosting the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.  Hundreds of thousands of bikers descend on the town, and the entire Black Hills area every August.  Main Street is blocked off for several blocks so only motorcycles may drive and park on it.  There are so many events/concerts in and around Sturgis that it would be impossible to see everything.  It may not be for everyone, but the rally is definitely one of those things that is difficult to describe.  You really have to experience it to fully appreciate how the small town changes for approximately 10 days every August.  

For the rest of the year, Sturgis is a relatively quiet, small town.  However, being a small town doesn't stop Sturgis from having lots to do.  There are amazing hiking/biking trails in and around Sturgis. One of the most famous area trails ascends Bear Butte. The mountain is an important landmark and religious site for various tribes of Native Americans in the area.

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